Disturbance Beyond Space and Time is a fanfiction about Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO's life.

The Inazuma Japan just won the FFI and were just practising while the others were having fun. Meanwhile in GO, they were about to have a match between the real Inazuma Japan (adults already). But then an earthquake occurred in both times and the GO characters with the rest of the pro leagues went to their past lives.

Then there are two mysterious person who knows the reason why there are traveled back in time and then an old team of two mysterious person came and had a matched with them. They lost and the two boys are willing to help.

They teleported in a place and there they said that someone wants to destroy soccer and destroy them. In order to prevent them from destroying soccer, they must win against the ones who had a match with them.

Characters going to appearEdit

All the characters of Inazuma Japan, Raimon GO and the following adults:

Toramaru, Gouenji, Tobitaka, Midorikawa, Fubuki, Sakuma, Hiroto, Kabeyama, Kazemaru, Fudou and Kogure.


Eclipse Iida

Yuuno Kuroda

Kiyabu Hirose


Rose Iida









Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Introduction and Fight

Chapter 3: Defeat

Chapter 4: We are to Train

Chapter 5: The Day of the match----part 1

Chapter 6: The Day of the match----part 2


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