“What the hell is that?!” Someoka exclaimed. Eclipse and Yuuno looked at the place where the wormhole appeared. Eclipse cursed silently while Yuuno looked terrified. “Should we go and check it out?” Toramaru asked. Before they can answer, someone kicked two balls. One towards Endou (GO) and the other towards Endou. The both of them stood firm and were ready to block the ball but Eclipse and Yuuno stood in front of them then kicked the ball towards the direction where it was shot. “Hahahaha! As expected of Eclipse and Yuuno. You guys never fail to surprise me.” A voice said from where the ball went. “Akka. I should’ve known.” Eclipse said. Asta left the place where he was hiding then smirked evilly. He has spiky red hair and has heterochromia iridium eyes. Blue on the left while green on the right. “Like my show Eclipse? Got you all in one place didn’t I?” Akka said as he laughed. “If you’re here, then---” Yuuno trailed off as soon as several people entered, surrounding them. “Well duh! Thanks to you betraying us, we had a hard time finding two forwards.” A guy with black bed hair and emerald green eyes said. “Geas, shut it.” Akka said. And he obeyed his orders. Eclipse looked at Akka and saw the black captain’s band. Eclipse twitched a bit. Asta noticed him twitched then laughed evily. “Do you know when Rose appointed me as captain ever since you and Yuuno left, I felt so over joyed and I finally took the place of captain? Thanks for leaving the team behind Eclipse.” Akka said. Eclipse looked at him in disgust while Akka laughed. “Oh how I love that look on your face. Jealous?”Akka asked. Yuuno threw a pebble at him and Asta was it in his forehead. Asta looked at him irritably then he shot the ball to Yuuno which Yuuno eventually kicked it with his right foot. Akka looked at the Raimon GO then to Inazuma Japan then to the pro leagues then to Eclipse and Yuuno then laughed. “Is that all you can ever do? Laugh at us?” Fudou asked. Akka stopped then gave him a mean glare and his eyes glowed red then Fudou was slammed against the tree. All of them went to where Fudou is while Eclipse and Yuuno stood there, looking at him angrily. “Akka! How dare you do that to him?” Eclipse said. Akka just laughed. Then the whole team went to his side. “We, the Eternal Chaos, are now going to crush every one of you in pieces until you can’t stand up anymore and so that you won’t be able to play soccer ever again.” Akka said and the team laughed. Before Eclipse or Yuuno said anything, Tobitaka stood up and said “No way will we be beaten by the likes of you!” The whole team laughed again. Akka snapped his fingers then the whole team quieted down. “If you’re so sure to beat us, then why don’t you beat us by a game of soccer then?” Akka asked. Eclipse clasped his hands then opened them and a stream of fire appeared then he threw it to Akka. He just smirked then they all jumped to dodge it. “Hold your horses’ big guy. We asked for a soccer match, not a magic combat.” A guy with choppy hairstyle with bangs said. “Oh shut up Seble.” Yuuno hissed. He just laughed. Akka then looked at the team who was standing to where Fudou is unconscious then grinned. “So, shall we have the soccer match or not?” Akka asked. Endou (GO) looked at Endou. “What do you say, chibi me?” Endou (GO) asked. Endou smiled at him then looked at Akka and replied “We’ll battle you!” Akka smiled then laughed. He snapped his fingers then a soccer field appeared on where their standing. “Coach Endou, let us fight against them too!” Tenma said. Endou (GO) looked at him, thought for a moment, and then nodded. “First half will be the Raimon and the second half will be the Inazuma Japan/us. So everyone will play.” Kidou and Kidou (GO) said in unison then they looked at each other then smiled. “That’s fine with you right?” Kidou asked Akka out loud so he can hear. “Sure~!”Akka kindly (but somehow not kindly, more likely he was challenging them) said. Eclipse sat to where Fudou is with Goenji (GO) looking after him while Yuuno blew air in his hand then some green aura appeared and he put one of his hands at Fudou’s forehead. “He just lost consciousness when his back hit the tree hard. He’ll be awake in a minute or so.” Yuuno said. Goenji (GO) nodded then stood up to pass the information to the others. As soon as they heard the news, everyone sighed in relief. “He may be irritating sometimes but he’s still our team mate.” Kidou said and the whole team nodded in agreement then they all looked to where the Raimon warming up. “You think we can win against the lot of them?” Hayami asked nervously. “Here we go again with your negative thoughts Hayami.” Hamano said. “Don’t worry! Even if we can score a point from them, Inazuma Japan can lead us to victory.” Tenma said, trying to encourage the team. “Tenma’s right. Guys! Let’s beat them!” Shindou said then they all said “Yes!” And they entered the grounds. “Good luck guys!” Fubuki (GO) said. “Just play how you guys always play!” Endou called. “Guys! Let’s score a goal no matter what!” Shindou said. And the match began with Eternal Chaos kick-off. A guy with black hair and his bangs covering one of he’s gray eyes kicked the ball to Akka. “You just picked the wrong opponent.” Akka said. He looked at Eclipse then smiled evilly. At first, Eclipse looked at him clueless then his face changed. “No… He’s going to use that.” He said under his breath. Yuuno heard him then he stood up trembling. “Oh no.”Yuuno then said. “This is the end for all of you!” Akka said. He kicked the ball up in the air and he also jumped. “I won’t let you!” Tenma said as he also jumped in the air as he calls his kenshin, Majin Pegasus Arc (Demon God Pegasus Arc). Everyone from Inazuma Japan looked at Tenma astound, Endou was looking at Tenma astonishingly. Tenma and Akka collided with the ball in the middle of them. Akka looked at him and said “You are no match with my strength filthy human. Our strength is far superior to yours.” Tenma smirked then said “We’ll see about that!” He screamed and a little more effort he could’ve taken the ball but Akka was more powerful than him and he knocked Tenma and he was sent flying downwards the ground as his kenshin disappeared. “Tenma!” Some of his team mates shouted as they all went to where Tenma is. Shindou and Tsurugi approached him nearly.

“He’s… he’s too powerful. His kick was as strong as when a cannon ball is released and it’s like he’s surrounded with some kind of force field.” Tenma nervously said. Tsurugi twitched then looked at Akka who was now laughing.

“I told you guys that there is absolutely no way that you can defeat me. I warned you already a while ago but you humans just wouldn’t listen now would ya’?” Asta said then went back to his position as he laughed.

“Tenma, can you stand up?” Shindou asked. At first Tenma was silent then he stood up a little wobbly. He looked at Shindou and nodded. Shindou smiled at him, then turned to the team and said “We’ll first steal the ball from them then let’s score a goal, got it guys?” And the whole team nodded then they went back to their positions.

“’Steal a goal from us’ you say? The more you riled up your confidence, the more you are worthy of crushing. And it is not possible.” He then looked at Tenma and laughed.

“Thanks to that kid, my ultimate move is ruined. Now I’ll be doing it again.” Akka said. He then snapped his finger and all his team mates marked Tenma and the others.

“Damn it.” Tsurugi said as he tries to outsmart the guy blocking him by side stepping but he’s opponent was faster.

“Give it up will you? There’s no way you can beat us even though you have a kenshin…” The guy with choppy red hair and droopy black eyes said. Tsurugi grunted.

Asta was walking towards the goal while the others were trying to break out.

“AKKA! Stop! YOU’RE SERIOULSY GOING TO KILLL THEM?!” Eclipse and Yuuno said at the same time. Endou and the rest looked at them.

“What do you mean by that Eclipse, Yuuno?” Kidou (GO) and Kidou asked. Yuuno fell on his knees while Eclipse looked at the ground terrified.

“He’s ultimate move, Destructive Era is the most powerful yet deadly move he has created. Not I or Yuuno can even block it and he spent 3 years just to master it.” Eclipse said.

Akka was now in front of Shinsuke. Shinsuke held a position that can block the ball. When Akka saw him he laughed. He then look at Yuuno and Eclipse and smirked.

“Witnessed my strongest move and so that you can never play soccer again.” He said out loud to Shinsuke.

“Let me see you try then.” Shisuke said and he called his kenshin,

Goseishin Titanias and was about to do Majin The Hand.

Akka laughed and he kicked the ball high. The background changed to a hellish kind then there were people shrieking at the background of the hell look like background. Tenma and the others covered their ears with their hands as they fell on the ground, screeching in pain. Shinsuke wasn’t affected since his point of view was in hell.

When the ball was in position in the air,

Akka spun for three times like a drill and when he reached the place where the ball is and then there were spikes covering the ball. Akka kicked the ball as he shouted “This is the end human! DESTRUCTIVE ERA!”

“MAJIN THE HAND!” Shinsuke yelled and tried to block the shot but failed. His arms were stinging like swords were pierced through and he collapsed screaming in agony.

When everything returns back to the way it was and when they heard Shinsuke screaming, they all gathered around him worryingly.

Tenma put Shinsuke in his arms as he asked “Shinsuke! Are you okay? Shinsuke!”

Shinsuke opened his eyes then looked at Tenma. Before he could reply or just nod his head, he put his hands near his chest then clutched.

Yuuno and Eclipse went to where they are, Yuuno blew air in his hands then green aura appeared, like what he did to Fudou, he placed both of his hands to Shinsuke’s arm.

Little by little, Shinsuke felt the pain going away. He opened his eyes and looked at Tenma.

“Shinsuke!” Tenma exclaimed then carried Shinsuke in the air like a teddy bear happily.

“Tenma~! Put me down!” Shinsuke said as he laughed.

Yuuno noticed that Eclipse was looking at him and just gave him a smile then collapsed, face first. Eclipse immediately ran towards him and then took one of his arms and whispered “You wasted all your energy just to help these kids huh? That’s so like you.”

Yuuno gave him a little chuckle then said “I can’t help it.”

Tenma and the others looked at Eclipse as he drags Yuuno to a tree. When Eclipse placed Yuuno leaning back at the tree, he then came towards the Raimon team.

“Destructive Era can be only used thrice. The first was done and now he can only shot two more. Don’t block the next and when he shots the third time, try and block it since it’ll be weaker. But remember, do not block the next Destructive Era or you’ll never protect this goal ever again.” Eclipse warned and then turned around and leaves.

Tenma looked at Shinsuke then Shinsuke looked at Tenma and smiled. “Don’t worry.” He said. “I won’t block the next. But then, how are we supposed to catch up if I didn’t block the next?”

Tsurugi looked at the fields then back to the whole team. He then noticed

Akka looking at Yuuno irritably then he noticed Tsurugi and he just smirked at him then left where he was.

“Hey!” The guy with black hair and his bangs covering one of he’s gray eye shouted. And they all looked at him pissed.

“When are we going to start? Are you still sulking over to that little brat?” He said and the others laughed.

Tenma was about to answer back when a soccer ball was shot a little close to Tenma and it hit the guy who insulted Shinsuke.

Everyone gasped and most of them looked at Eclipse who now looked so scary.

“Why the hell did you kicked that ball in my face Eclipse?!” He shouted.

Eclipse looked at him then replied “Just shut the hell up Shoney.”

Shoney’s face turned red, maybe because of embarrassment or because of the name Eclipse said, he kicked the ball back to Eclipse then said “The name’s Eurus now, not Shoney.”

Eclipse just smirked then dodged the ball.

And the match continued with Raimon’s ball. Hikaru kicked the ball to Tsurugi and all of them, except for the goal keeper and the defenders, ran up. Tsurugi got passed Asta and Aker and they didn’t even budge. Hikaru was now blocking one of the midfielders and the midfielders of the Raimon blocked the rest of the defenders but they didn’t budge a bit.

Tsurugi was now suspicious of them but he just ignored and then released his kenshin, Kensei Lancelot and then he shoot with his and his kenshin move, Lost Angel and shoot it towards the goal.

The goal keeper had dark green hair that spiked left side and leaving a strand of hair on his hazel brown eye. He looked at Tsurugi’s shot then just smirked as he stretched his arm forward and caught the ball by hand without any hissatsu moves and his area was covered in fog.

As soon as the fog dimmed, they all looked at the goal keeper in awe while Akka laughed.

“Nice blocking Raggio!” Akka called out. Raggio looked at Akka and smirked.

“Akka, aren’t you getting old for that?” Raggio asked. Akka laughed out loud.

“Throw the ball to me Raggio!” Akka shouted. Raggio nodded then threw the ball to Akka. When Akka got the ball, he smiled evilly and said “Now that I’ve got this ball...” He said then dashed towards the goal speedily and then shot a goal without anyone even moving an inch from their position. They just moved and looked behind when the ball was already in the goal post.

“What the hell just happened…?” Tenma said. Endou and the others looked at Asta and the others surprised.

Kidou then looked at Eclipse and approached him and asked “What’s with the tremendous speed?”

Eclipse looked at him then gave him a bottle and there has a tag saying “Eclipse’s power up.” Kidou then looked at Eclipse who just looked down. He bent one of his knees halfway then placed his arm over his knee.

“That’s a potion… When we drink it, we’ll surpass the speed and the strength of human. But there’s a catch, if we drink all of it, we’ll turn into a monster.” Eclipse said then looked at Asta and frowned. Kidou noticed Eclipse’s expression changed and asked him if he can show it to the others. Eclipse just waved a hand saying its fine.

Kidou nodded and then walked towards the team. At first, he didn’t know who to show it first even though he knows that he must show it to the them older selves. Kidou scanned the best understanding person around and his eyes fixed on him ten years from now. He sighed.

‘I don’t have a choice now right?’ He thought then walked over him from the future and then showed him the vital Eclipse gave him.

“What’s this supposed to be?” Kidou (GO) asked. Kidou faced the field then replied him “Those are some kind of potions that they drank. I hope you will still remember about the match against Zeus Academy.”

Kidou (GO) looked at him awkwardly then looked at the vital again.

“Is this somewhat similar with the drinks the Zeus Academy drank last time?” Kidou (GO) asked.

““When we drink it, we’ll surpass the speed and the strength of human.”Was what Eclipse told me when I approached him a while ago.” Kidou replied. He looked at Eclipse who focused his eyes locked on Asta.

“What else did he said to you?” Kidou (GO) asked. Kidou looked at him suspiciously then sighed.

“And what was that supposed to mean?” Kidou (GO) asked.

“I was wondering. Shouldn’t you know the answer by now since you are ten years me since I’m you from the past, right?” Kidou said. Kidou (GO) was speechless after what Kidou asked.

Eclipse over heard Kidou’s question, he sighed and then stood up then approached them and said “What Kidou said is definitely right. But since you’re all in this time present, it won’t affect you in the future.”

Kidou nodded then looked at the field then Eclipse went back and leaned back on the tree. Kidou (GO) just looked at him suspiciously then shrugged and let Endou (GO) and the others know about the vital.

The third goal was made by Akka. Shinsuke and the others collapsed.

Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindou were struggling to stand up. Shindou was already on his knees but a guy long brown French braid hair kicked the ball to Shindou and he coughed and fell unconscious.

Then Tsurugi was about to get up when a ball was sent flying towards him. Tsurugi thought that he’s going to collapse but then Endou caught the ball in his hand.

“Coach Endou…” Tsurugi murmured. Endou heard him and grinned. He then looks back to the guy who kicked the ball and shouted “Enough is enough.”

The guy just laughed as the whistle blew for the first match has ended. Team Eternal Chaos left the field laughing while Inazuma Japan hurriedly carried the Raimon.

The adults treated them while the Inazuma Japan was talking.

“Now I’m angry.” Someoka said as he punched his left fist to his right palm.

“Someoka, calm down.” Endou said. He looked back to where the Raimon are. Eclipse was also helping them but he wears an uncomfortable expression as he help out the others.

‘This must’ve been really hard on him. Seeing his old team mates and now fighting against them too…’ Endou thought then looked back to the rest of the team.

“Okay! We have to steal a goal from them and win!” Kidou called out. The rest nodded in agreement. Then they started to warm up a bit.

Gouenji (GO) then looked at them then approached Endou (GO).

“I think we should let---” Gouenji (GO) trailed off as soon as Endou interrupted by saying “Let Eclipse join in the second half? I agree.” Gouenji (GO) looked at him in surprise then smirked as he put one of his hands on his jacket’s pocket.

“You were also thinking the same huh?” Kidou (GO) said as he walks near the two of them.

“As expected of you.” Gouenji (GO) said as Kidou (GO) chuckled.

“So now, what kind of player is he?” Endou said.

~Skips to second half~

Eclipse was placed as a forward. He looked at Akka uncomfortably as Akka laughed at him.

“You’re going to play against us by joining the lots of them?!” Akka exclaimed. Eclipse gave him a mean glare and Akka jumped a little.

“Just because you’re the captain already doesn’t mean you’re stronger than me.” He shot back. He glanced a little to Yuuno and thought ‘Just hang in there for a while Yuuno and I’ll end this as soon as possible.’

“I don’t think that is necessary dear Eclipse.” Akka said and grinned evilly.

The whistle blew and the second half begins with Inazuma Japan’s ball in hand.

Gouenji kicked the ball to Eclipse and Eclipse immediately dashed off towards the goal and made it there for a few second.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t drink the potion.” Eclipse called out. He was now face to face with the goalkeeper Raggio.

“Bring it on Eclipse.” Raggio said. Eclipse looked down on the ball and clutched as a dark aura surrounds him.

Then there was a monster coming out of his back. At first, huge dark wings came out then a bird like demon and said “I too have the so-called kenshin.” And then shouted “Dark Phoenix.” The Inazuma Japan and Raimon GO were surprised when they saw Eclipse’s kenshin

He kicked the ball back to add some spin then kicked it high. He jumped in the air as the background changes to

pitch black. Then the ball was surrounded with blood red aura. He jumped to where the ball is and waited. When the ball stopped rotating, the colour of the ball was alternating colours. Black to red then to purple then to black again. He then kicked it forward as his kenshin slashed the ball with its claws. When the phoenix landed its final slash, Eclipse did a backflip in the air and kicked the ball as he shouted "DEMONIC HOLLOW!"

The goalkeeper Raggio smirked then placed his hand forward, so positive that he could block the strong shot. But Akka immediately knew what will happen. He turned back and shouted to Raggio "Don't underestimate Demonic's Hollow!" But Raggio heard his warning to late. The ball was now at his hands and then placed his other hand at the ball. He was pushed back by the powerful ball and was sent flying in with the ball in his abdomen into the net. The score now was 3-1 with Eternal Chaos leading. Akka grunted then cursed. He then looked at Eclipse who landed softly on the ground as his kenshin disappeared.

Eclipse turned away and went to where the Inazuma Japan is. He passed by Akka and said lowly “You can never surpass me Akka. Go up by a level, I’ll go up two; go up by 5 levels, I’ll go up 10. That’s how I train myself.” Then he left with the Inazuma Japan surrounding him.

“That was awesome Eclipse!” Endou said. Eclipse just smirked.

“Trust me. Yuuno’s kenshin is cooler.” Eclipse said then looked at Yuuno who was now awake. Yuuno smiled and Eclipse smiled back. He then turned to where Akka is who was now stomping his feet with anger.

‘Eclipse, I underestimated you…’ Akka thought then he went back to his position.

The score now was 3-1 with Eternal Chaos leading. 10 more minutes and the match is over.

Akka and Eclipse were now fighting against each other while the others are trying to block/get pass their opponents. Akka was now furious and he punched Eclipse in the face which Eclipse fall as he went to the goal post.

Endou was there waiting for him. Akka jumped again and did Destructive Era. Endou didn’t know what to do. Block it or let it pass.

Endou was planning to block it when Eclipse shouted “Don’t! If you still want to play soccer, don’t block it!” Endou hesitated at first but then jumped out of the way and let it score.

And the match ended with Eternal Chaos winning. Yuuno gripped his hands tightly as they all except for Eclipse fell to their knees panting.

We… lost…” Tenma said. Endou (GO) and the others didn’t reply to him. They just looked at the field silently. Yuuno patted his back and said “Don’t take the feeling so dimly. Just because we lost doesn’t mean there won’t be a second chance. Next time we run into them again, we’ll reverse the score.”

Tenma smiled at him as the Inazuma Japan went near them.

“Yuuno, you feeling okay?” Eclipse asked. Yuuno stood straight and nodded. Akka and the others were laughing.

“Like I said before, you could never win against us.” Akka said. Eclipse chuckled then faced him even though he was far away and said “Actually, you said a while ago that you won’t allow us to get a single point.” They all chuckled a bit as Akka kicked a ball towards them but Eclipse kicked it back.

“Watch your mouth Eclipse…” Akka said.

“And you watch your attitude Akka.” Eclipse shot back. Akka grunted then turned away and they all left.

Eclipse looked at the others who were down. Before he could try and cheer them up, the two Endou stood up and said “We’ll just have to train harder then!”

This lightens up the mood of them but Eclipse and Yuuno then exchanged glances then Yuuno nodded.

“What they said is right. For now, you guys have to train. And for that, we’ll assist you.” Yuuno said. He then looked at Eclipse who was drawing some kind of witchcraft. “Where are we going to train?” Kazemaru asked. Yuuno and Eclipse both smirked. Eclipse then clasp his hands and then fire appeared between his hands. Then he placed both of his hands to the drawing he drew then a portal appeared. Everyone backed off a bit. “C’mon now, don’t be scared. After you guys hop in, we’ll immediately start training.” Eclipse said as he snapped his fingers.

“How are you sure that it’s safe?” Toramaru asked. Yuuno laughed.

“Don’t worry, we did this countless of times before.” Yuuno said. Eclipse was getting annoyed. He stepped in the portal and said “If you want to beat the crap out of Eternal Chaos, the only way to do this is hop in this portal and train in a certain place; if you won’t, then good luck to your rematch.”

They looked at each other for a while then Tsurugi and Goenji walked to wards the portal.

They exchanged glances then smirked. Then they hoped into the portal.

The others were stunned when Tsurugi and Goenji jumped in. Endou (GO) and the rest of the adults were now smiling and they followed.

Endou (GO) was left behind for a while, he looked at the rest of the team and said “Guys, let’s protect soccer!”

And to that speech, they all hoped in.

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